Saturday, March 29, 2014

Welcome Luca and Keagan!

I wanted to share with you some pictures of what I worked on this last week. My good friend Jessica just had twin boys about 3 months ago and boy oh boy are they cute! I would love to take both of them home with me.

A special collage of Luca and Keagan made by Jessica's sister Katherine.
So this week we held a baby shower for my friend and her boys. Unfortunately Keagan couldn't be at the shower as he is still in hospital, doing great but not ready to be around lots of people yet.

I love paper crafting and what better time then to turn on my Cameo and start cutting?

The theme was Noah's Ark, so I used a bunch of Miss Kate's Cuttables and a super cute Studio Ilustrado file from the Silhouette Online store to make 8 different animal toppers. I made each topper double sided and hot glued a small bamboo skewer in between the shadow layer and the second cut of the animal.

Then I rolled up a box of diapers and made small diaper cake center pieces for the tables. I wrapped each cake in 2" blue ribbon along with some super cute 1 1/2" animal ribbon that I got at Michaels. Using red tape I attached the two together and added a print and cut tag to hide the seam. Added some Easter Basket grass on top and stuck each animal in.

The first one I made was the Cow:

The Pig was next, he is one of my favorites :)

The Lion:

 This next one is my favorite... the Giraffes. This file I got from Studio Ilustrado, and it's called Cute Giraffe.

The Donkey:

The Monkey:

 The Zebra:

  Last but certainly not least, the Lamb:

 With the other 8 Diaper cakes I took some blue with white polka-dot ribbon and some It's a Boy! ribbon and wrapped it around like the other ones.

Instead of the diaper in the middle of the cake I replaced it with a Balloon weight. I added some blue Easter grass on top and strung some It's a Boy curling ribbon through with a matching blue balloon.

Chandra, Jessica and  Luca
A fun time was had by all! Tomorrow I post more pictures of some of the other projects I made for this shower. 


  1. i love this! is beautiful, ♥ thanks! Juliane - Studio Ilustrado

  2. Mel, you know I love everything you make.
    These are fantastic!!!


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