Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Digital Birthday Card

So I went from not posting for over a month to two posts in one day.. haha. Time to get back to crafting.

I just wanted to share the card that my other half made for me for my birthday. It's so darn cute!

He always goes on about digital stamping and digital paper and how I should use it more often. Last year for my birthday I said I wanted Bacon and Eggs for my birthday and that's exactly what I got... he made me a Bacon and Eggs SVG, along with a card he made using digital paper and font. There's a link so you can download my Bacon and Eggs SVG on my post from last year.

So of course this years card was you guessed it... made using digital images and my printer.

heeeheeeeheee this is to cute!
He even used a program to make his actual hand writing into font to use and print off the computer.

This was on the back of the card and I cashed it in right away and even managed to get two foot rubs :)

 Maybe one of these years I will find some time to play with digital stamps and paper.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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